A Wellness Staycation for the Mind and Body at the Four Seasons Westlake Village

Our friend Leslie Durso, vegan chef extraordinaire, was invited to the Four Seasons Westlake to try out their new Spa and Wellness Center and boy are we jealous! Read on for her review. 

Four Season Westlake Village Staycation

I got styled for my staycation and I liked it…

On the heels of another breakup, I felt run down. I had devoted so much energy to him and his life and now I find myself alone again with me and my life. I needed a little jumpstart back into my groove. I was looking for a serious staycation and when the Four Seasons Westlake Village invited me for a stay, I felt like it was the perfect timing! Sure, I could have invited my girlfriends to go, but as great as those kind of weekends are, there is nothing like being alone with your thoughts to help you out of a tough situation.


If you are really looking for personal growth, in my opinion, there is nothing that can make that happen more than a trip on your own. No kids, no spouse, not friends to distract you. You and your thoughts are all you are going to need on this kind of a trip. That and a personal stylist. I’m serious. For my staycation to the Four Seasons Westlake, I enlisted the help of Caley Rinker one of Hollywood’s top stylists (hello, Gwyneth Paltrow!). She picked out fabulous outfits that were going to make my staycation special in an additional way. Caley and I talked about what I would be doing on my trip and she picked out the perfect outfits. You know that feeling when you are wearing something new for the first time? That joy, that “look how great I look in my new outfit!?” Well, couple that feeling with a luxurious room, some good spa time, and Dr. K (more on her in a minute) and you’ve got yourself a cocktail for some serious self-reflection and growth! The Four Seasons Westlake is far enough from where I live in LA that I felt like I was removed, yet super easy to get to. I grabbed the clothes from Caley (did I mention I love not to think about packing?) and my toothbrush and I was off!


In order to make this kind of trip successful, this is the deal: You and your comfort have got to break up. It’s been nice, it’s felt good, but to stimulate the kind of growth as a person you’re looking for and move forward in your life, you’ve got to get that no job, carless, guy out of your life. A solo staycation is all about living outside your comfort zone, and believe me you are going to be so happy you took the risk! I am!

Four Season Westlake Village | Wellness Getaway and Staycation


First impression of the Four Seasons Westlake: Whoa! This place is huge and gorgeous! In typical FS style, there is a dramatic entry and spectacular display of flowers at first sight. This was no exception… truly gorgeous!

My room is exactly what you would expect: beautiful, elegant, and cozy with a fabulous view of the property’s waterfall.


The Four Seasons, Westlake is now offering “Taste of Wellness” overnight packages,which provide their guests with 3 options: “Detox + Disconnect”, “Relax + Recharge”, and “Shape Up + Slim Down.” I chose the Relax + Recharge and this is what it looked like:

Four Season Westlake Village | Wellness Getaway and Staycation


My day started right away with a visit with Dr. Kukoff, affectionally referred to as Dr. K. She is the founder of Cognition Builders, a company that provides sustainable educational intervention. Dr. K’s resume is as long as my arm and has worked with everyone from the Department of Defense to appearing on Access Hollywood. I didn’t really know what to expect from my session with her. I consider myself to be pretty put together and on a good path. Holy carrots was my mind blown! After 1 hour with her, I had a whole new way of achieving my goals and inspiration to launch me to the stratosphere! She broke down what I was doing and gave me comprehensive tasks I could complete everyday in order to take my business to the next level. She can focus on whatever is slowing you down: business, family, dating, kids, etc. What I really appreciate is the love and care she puts into each of her clients. She gave me a huge amount of information, but delivered it as a mentor would, not a doctor. A day trip here just to meet with her would be well worth it!

Of course I didn’t stop there. Next up was a Somadome meditation treatment. This sounds “out there”, but it was fabulous! Somadome is a great way for beginning meditators or experienced to meditate in a new beautiful way. You lay in a pod surrounded by the dome which is a combination of light and color therapy. You put the headphones on and select the type of meditation you’d like. I chose the manifest meditation. As someone who meditates everyday, I still got a lot out of this. I felt really clear after my 20 minute session.

Four Season Westlake Village | Wellness Getaway and Staycation

Finally, who could be at the Four Seasons largest spa and not get a treatment? Not this gal! A 50 minute Swedish massage is what was in store next for me. The treatment rooms are gorgeous! All with a little outdoor patio so you are bathed in natural light. My massage was superb and just what I needed to complete my growth for the day. I spent the rest of the afternoon in and out of the steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, and watched the sunset by the pool. I could have gone to bed a happy girl, but instead I got my adorable new Parker party dress on and I went down to the bar to enjoy some fabulous vegan chickpea crepes a glass of procecco (why not!?), and some wonderful live music. I met so many wonderful people there! I chatted the night away and was so excited to dive into the beautifully delicious king size bed that had been properly turned down in my room!

four seasons

The next day I awoke with a new sense of self and purpose. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by a invigorating yoga class.

As I packed up my room, I thought of all the fabulous time I crammed into 24 hours and wish I had booked 2 nights! I cannot recommend solo staycations more! I really believe in the power of transformation, but you have to give yourself space for this to occur in your life. Even one night away can be really rejuvenating and powerful!


Do you have a favorite place near your home for a short getaway? What are your tips for a wellness retreat close to home?

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