A Life in Balance | Interview: Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles and ‘Courage to Soar’ Author

“Maybe it’s good we don’t know what will happen next in our stories, because if we did, we might not turn the page. Or we might skip ahead and never experience the good that comes out of the hard moment we’re living through.”
Courage to Soar, Simone Biles
Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast | “Most Talented Gymnast of all time”
Author of: Courage to Soar | Body in Motion | A Life in Balance

Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in American history. Standing a mere 4’8” this woman’s competitive spirit dazzled the world on the grandest stage in Brazil with five medals: four gold, one bronze, and setting the record for gold medals won in a single Olympics in gymnastics. Recently, Simone was awarded not one but TWO ESPY’s: Best Female US Olympic Athlete & Best Female Athlete. Also in her back pocket are a combined total of 19 Olympic and World Championship medals – 14 of them gold and a long list of career highlights that leave you speechless like her mesmerizing performances. In her new book she shares her unique and uplifting story, one that’s filled with daily acts of courage that led her to live her dream from foster care to an Olympic stadium and podiums! She stands in her own true light with astonishing humility. Behind Simone’s now famous smile there is so much more…

How my gymnastics journey began: 

I discovered gymnastics on a daycare field trip when I was 6.

Advice I would share with my younger self, knowing what I know now:

Never lose sight of your goals and always try to have fun.

A typical day in my life:

When I am training: Wake up early, have breakfast and head to the gym for 4 hours. I then come home to rest and have lunch, then it’s back to the gym for 3 more hours. After that I head home for dinner and rest.

Currently dreaming about:

Being on the beac.h

Daily act of courage:

Keep a clear mind when reading remarks on social media.

Favorite health habit:

Everything in moderation.

What I appreciate and love most about my body right now:

I love my strength and muscles.

Thoughts on longevity as a 20 year old:

There is still so much I do not know.

I wrote my new book “COURAGE TO SOAR” to:

Tell everyone MY story so I could stop listening to what people thought they
knew about me.

Current inspiration:

My parents (listen to their advice!).

Advice to aspiring gymnasts:

Enjoy the journey.

In my mind before an event:

Just go out there and do what you do every day at practice.

Always in my travel bag:

Turtle and St. Sebastian medal.

On my bookshelf:

Dare to be Kind / Do What You Are / Courage to Soar

Food I can’t live without:


To stay healthy on the run I:

Take my snacks with me.

I unwind after a hard day of training/competition by:

Watching my shows on Netflix.

Healthy recipe I rely on:

Baked salmon and veggies.

Favorite quote:

“May each tomorrow be better than today.”

What’s next:

Start training for 2020.

Thank you Simone! We will be cheering for you! 

Follow Simone’s journey to 2020 and learn more about her book: www.simonebiles.com and @simonebiles.

Images c/o: NBC Olympics, Sports Illustrated 

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