A Healthy Hostess

I love hosting out of town visitors! Living in a state as beautiful as Colorado means guests are never in short supply. Having company in town gives you an excuse to explore uncharted territory, try different foods, drink new beers, laugh a lot and let loose. While letting loose is all good and well on occasion, I’ve come to learn that it’s still important to maintain my fitness regimen, at least for the most part, while I have guests in town. Originally from Detroit, I moved to Denver eight years ago and have had my share of visitors. Here are a few things that have helped me not let my healthy lifestyle slide while still remaining an entertaining and gracious hostess.

Plan Activities That Involve Being Active


No matter the fitness level of your guests it’s possible to plan outings that involve being active. I usually avoid trying to plan things that involve eating or drinking as this happens enough naturally. For example, take friends to a local museum or gardens where you’ll be walking around. Most major cities have a bike sharing system where you can rent bikes for an allotted amount of time then dock them at a different location. If your guests have a higher activity tolerance plan to attend an outdoor yoga session, do stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking, or even attempt a hike or run. Make adjustments depending on your visitors, but know it’s still possible to keep moving in some form.


Cook a Meal or Two at Home

Making dinner or brunch at home doesn’t have to be boring. Buy foods native to your region for guests to sample. Colorado has many breweries so I always try to have local beers for friends to try. Depending on the season I use palisade peaches, Colorado wines and jams and produce from our local farmer’s market. Whatever tasty treats your home is known for get some for your guests to try. By sharing some of your favorite foods with your guests you’re inviting them into your world.

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  • Let yourself indulge in a dessert or meal, but split it with a guest.

When friends and family are in town I find myself eating out much more than normal. It’s natural to want to share your favorite eateries with your guests. It’s hard to be the one holding back or trying to be healthy when your company is in vacation mode and ready to let loose. I say meet in the middle. Maybe you can’t say no to a burger or that cheesecake your mom insists you try but you can cut it in half. Split a dessert or hearty meal so you can still get in on the fun but won’t be left with too many regrets.


  • Don’t use guests as an excuse not to exercise.

If you want to find an excuse to not workout you’ll find one. Don’t make excuses and plan to do a workout at some point while you have visitors. You may have to wake up a little earlier (use this as a good excuse to make everyone breakfast!) or do a shorter workout but still find time to do something. When my mom comes to visit she’ll walk at the park while I run. When my brother was visiting this summer I got him a free visit to my gym so we could go together. Even if your guests aren’t interested in working out still try to squeeze something in.


Have fun!

I try to never be so stressed with eating healthy or working out that it takes away from enjoying my visitors. Time with family and friends are to be cherished and honestly don’t happen often enough. Do the best you can and let the rest go. Have a plan ahead of time, try to stick to it but also be flexible. By making a plan and having goals you’re already ahead of the game.


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