A Healer’s Guide to Spiritual Wellness Gifts for the Holidays

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As a spiritual teacher, it always feels extra special to share a gift that I know is connecting with the ones I love on a spiritual level and in a way that shows them I really care and support their lives and their path. While not everyone in my love circle is super interested in, or keen on the things I love like palo santo, incense, crystals etc., it has been so fun to find a way to get gifts for people that make them feel seen, loved, heard and supported. And, it’s amazing to me how open we are now as a society to the essence of our spirituality, the beauty of growth, and supporting each other’s path to joy.

Below are some of my top gifts for the ones in our lives. Keep in mind that you always make the right choice when it comes to gifting for your loved ones. I always advise to use your intuition and instinct for any gift. Before you purchase for a person, perhaps even place your hand on the item or a hand on your heart and ask from an ever-knowing place inside if this is the right item for them at this right time in their life. You’ll quickly be shown and may even feel something inside guiding you to the check-out line, or perhaps another aisle where the gift awaits.

A tea ritual for the home or the office

Taking a few moments during the day to make yourself a morning, evening or afternoon cup of tea is one of many mini rituals we can give ourselves during the week. Giving this as a gift to someone can also include a note from you about the importance of taking a few moments to give themselves some love each day. You may even include a mini mantra, blessing, or words of love to them that goes inside the kit so they see it each time. I love this gift for both the non-coffee and coffee loving people in your life.

My favorites are a Match Tea Kit with the tea and the whisk, Ascend Cleanse, which is a higher consciousness herbal tea, or the Prana Chai Masala kit. I also think one of the best gifts this year is the Aerolatte handheld frother to add a little yummy to any drink at home or in the office.

A meditation workshop or online class
the body book - the longevity book - cameron diaz

As a teacher at two major meditation hubs in Los Angeles, The DEN and Unplug, I’ve seen how the gift of an immersive workshop or meditation class can be a life-changing and enhancing experience for someone. Getting a gift focused on something you can do together or just a gift for them is a beautiful gesture to show you support their expansion, growth and encourage them to get closer to their own life’s joy. It usually always comes to person at the perfect time and might be the most helpful experience for their life right now. There are also loads of amazing spiritual books out there like The Alchemist, Four Agreements and many more that can be wrapped up as a great book with a beautiful bookmark that you create with a special quote on it that means something to you and your bestie or family member.

A crystal or special-made mala bead

I love picking out the perfect crystal or jewelry piece for someone. This can be anywhere from a $3-$300 gift for someone. There are so many beautiful and helpful stones out there and I’ve found most people are incredibly open to receiving them. I usually always use my intuition to pick the crystal out first and then look up its meaning. If, however, you want something for a specific purpose for your loved one then always search the crystals that are best suited for that need. You can then write a beautiful card with the name of the crystal, its meanings, how they can work with it and perhaps why you selected it for them.

I will also usually send reiki to the stone or jewelry, like these Magik Healing and Intention setting bracelets, and say a little prayer for them that it may align and assist them as they need in their life for their highest good.

An experience or spa ritual

I love gifting my best friends, employees, and closest colleagues some type of experience. It could be a self-development workshop that aligns with what they’ve been talking about wanting to learn, a fun night to relax at a comedy show, or a new year session with an astrologer or an intuitive, or numerology reader to get them super excited and connected for the new year.

My favorites are: Astrology Rose Theodora, numerology is Emma Mildon and for this super cool, totally unique card reading is Angie Banicki. I also love the idea of a nutrition session or something to jump start their health if they’ve been needing some tender care. I also love gifting a day at the spa! My fave gift in LA is a day at the Korean Spa in LA, which includes spa facilities and a 30-minute reflexology session — all less than $50. If you have practitioners you love in your city, perhaps it’s a session for them with the person you always rave about each week. In LA, my top monthly necessities are acupuncture with Vie Healing and an intuitive chiropractic session with Dr. Gabriela Carlos.

A moon ritual kit or any type of wellness kit
the longevity book - the body book - cameron diaz

This is my favorite one. Getting a friend, colleague or family member an at-home experience that they can do on their own and in the comfort of their own home is a great way to show your love. Anything from a new moon and full ritual box to a self-curated Goddess box so they can have a night for themselves at home. There are loads of great options out there, including the Magik Vibes Box, which was created to bring these at-home spiritual experiences right to a person’s doorstep. The box includes everything from new and full moon rituals to monthly manifesting, journaling, healing crystals, meditations and much more for the ultimate spiritual experiences.

A charity or giveback opportunity:

If your friend has been feeling down in their purpose or like life is Groundhog’s Day each week, planning a day together to remember how amazing it is to help our world become a better place can be just what they need to get out of an inner funk. I love bringing friends as a fun outing to a charity event, like Step Up Womens Network, which helps mentor teen girls in several cities. After an event together, you can then go explore someplace fun in the city or go to a new place for lunch. 

Lastly, if you’re hesitant at all about giving someone a “spiritual” gift or any gift you find that you’re not sure about, just pause for a moment. Connect to your intuition and really feel into it. You’ll soon know if this is the right gift for the person or perhaps it’s a gift that’s actually meant for you or maybe it’s showing you a new item so you stay open.

There is no such thing as a bad gift. When you give from a place of truly giving because you choose to, not because you’re obligated to, and because you see and accept the person exactly as they are at that moment in their life, it’s going to be a great gift.

Thank you, Kelsey! These thoughtful gift ideas are exactly what we need this year to not only love ourselves, but to spread kindness and support. 

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KELSEY J PATEL is a spiritual empowerment coach, healer and entrepreneur dedicated to helping you live a vibrant, joy-filled, abundant life. Through her public speaking, Fortune-500 consulting, online programs and private practices of reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and intuitive healing, she guides others through the process of releasing their old stories and limiting beliefs. Through healing these past wounds, her clients can then step into lives filled with peace, purpose and true fulfillment. Connect with Kelsey: Website // Facebook // InstagramShop Kelsey’s Magik Vibes Box here.

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