A Day in the Life of a Nutritionist: McKel Hill


A typical day is, well, anything but typical! Right now, I’m in the thick of writing my cookbook which will be out in early 2016 so that’s occupying my time quite a bit plus carrying on with growing Nutrition Stripped, coaching clients, and engaging many other opportunities such as workshops, events, supper clubs, retreats, and more travel! All very exciting, yet I’m sure you can get a sense that there’s absolutely nothing typical about this schedule.

Regardless of what my workload looks like for the day, I always start my day with a huge glass of water with lemon, followed by hot water with lemon or black coffee and coconut milk (depends on the day!).

– Then I head to the gym, without fail, to do circuit training, sprints, core work, or head to a barre3 class here in Nashville.

– Post workout meals are always my favorite, my body is naturally more hungry during those times and I love refueling with my Stripped Green Smoothie followed by a warm porridge or pancake, anything I’m in the mood for in that moment. If I’m in a bit of a rush that morning whether because I have meetings, a shoot, or clients, I’ll have overnight oats that I prepared the night before.

– Meditation is very important to me, so setting aside time to center and ground myself before work is crucial, it helps me focus and balance what’s truly a priority and what’s fluff.

– The mornings and most of my day is spent either working on my cookbook, meeting with my team to talk about projects, coaching clients, gearing up for workshops, photo shoots, or freelance writing.

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– Lunch is always something light and quick, I like keeping lunch light so I can keep on my toes and feel really energized throughout the day. An example is a big entrée salad full of massaged kale salad, topped with roasted veggies, a couple eggs, a little quinoa or sweet potato, and topped with some type of fat such as avocado, almonds, pine nuts, or olive oil- depends on the mood! I also love a side of soup like my Carrot Orange Ginger Soup.

– Most evenings, I attempt to wrap up work far earlier than I used to- I have the luxury to give myself a little more space now and I think it’s incredibly important to set boundaries with work and downtime to socialize, relax, nourish relationships with others and with yourself, read, learn and just be. My work is very fast paced and it’s very easy to overwork or get burned out- I learned that one the hard way!

– If dinner isn’t a recipe I’ve been testing for the cookbook or the blog, then most likely it’s following my format of the Nourish Bowl or the One Bowl Skillet Meal, where I use meal components I’ve made from batch cooking the weekend before- super simple dinner in under 10 minutes, that’s what I’m all about during the week! On the weekend, we’ll spend much more time enjoying the long process of cooking together and enjoying it!

– I normally wind down like most people I’d like to think, being with my loved one, walking our pup Zoey around the neighborhood, hanging out with friends, catching up with family on the phone, reading, or doing light yoga if it’s been a very rough/stressful day.

– I have a nighttime beauty routine that I go through, as well as in the morning, and that helps me relax and keeps me feeling and looking radiant.

Lastly, sleep, lots of sleep. 😉

McKel Hill, MS, RD, LDN is an internationally known Registered Dietitian, wellness nutritionist and the creator of Nutrition Stripped, a guide to living whole and well. Visit her blog for nourishing recipes, advice on living the whole lifestyle, and for nutrition expertise and advice. She hosts supper clubs in Nashville seasonally, hosts workshops, retreats and cooking videos. The Nutrition Stripped cookbook will be published early 2016.

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