A Boho Life | Easy DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Are you terrible at DIY projects? I am too! They just don’t come naturally to me. LC, the other half of our Resource Girls duo, is amazing at them. She cranks them out so quick while I’m still trying to figure out which way is up, by then she’s done with the project. I still get anxiety just walking into craft stores and usually always have to ask for help. All that to say, no matter your skill level or whether you’ve never attempted one DIY in your life this is something you HAVE to try!


Have you seen these macrame wall hangings everywhere? They are popping up all over and we can’t get enough of them. From small boutiques to Urban Outfitters, you don’t have to go far before you find one. In true Resource Girls fashion we knew we could whip one up on the cheap so here is a quick easy tutorial to spruce up your space with a little boho flair.

Materials ||

Gold rings
• We used 6” and 8” for this tutorial, however, get creative there are all different sizes.
• If you get anxiety at craft stores like I do they can be found in either the leather section or by the yarn. That will save you about 15 minutes just knowing that! I also had better luck at JoAnns then I did at Michaels.

• Any color, any thickness, find what you like and make it your own!

Wood beads
• I just used some I had on hand but get creative, there are all different kinds of beads so find some you like and go wild.

• Hot glue, super glue, just need a dab so don’t buy anything special. If you do need to buy some E400 glue is the best.


Tutorial ||


First, we need to attach the two rings to each other with a piece of yarn. Cut a long piece, about three feet and just begin to wrap around both rings. I did about two inches in length but it can be however long or short you like. When you feel like the rings are secure cut the yarn and put a drop of glue at the end to secure the yarn so it doesn’t come unravelled.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Now start knotting. I started with about three feet long strips for the smaller inside ring. When you loop them through they are about half the length. See picture so you can visualize the knot. Make a loop with the yarn, around the ring, then pull the extra yarn through the loop. This is called a lark’s head knot. I made eleven knots on the inside ring.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Next make your knots on the larger, bottom ring. Do the same lark’s head knot but this time your yarn can be a little short, about two feet in length. I doubled the knots to twenty-two on the bottom ring but again get creative and do however many you want.

I then attached the beads to the yarn. This is optional but I wanted to give it a little extra added flair. I used wood beads. I didn’t even have to glue them because the yarn was thick enough but you could always put a drop of glue at the bottom of the bead so it doesn’t slip.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Lastly, cut your yarn if you desire an angled look like I did. I started at one side and just cut on an angle but you can do whatever design you choose. I also thought going short on both sides and down to a “V” shape would be cute as well.


We love having things in our home that are one of a kind. I was pretty proud when I sent a picture of this to my friend and she asked where I bought it. Get creative with different colors of yarn, sizes of the ring, multiple rings or one. The possibilities are truly endless! Who knows, maybe after attempting this project you’ll be inspired to try another one!

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