7 Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life

September is National Yoga Month, created to spread awareness about yoga and to educate about its health benefits and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. We asked Dana Kofsky, wellness coach and owner of Wellness Styled, to share her reasons for bringing yoga into her life. 

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I always wanted to be flexible, and before I started I couldn’t even touch my toes! Now it’s super easy to do so (and more!) and it’s because of my commitment to yoga.

Peace of Mind

Yoga is an excellent resource to quiet the mind and allow yourself to stay present. Using the deep breathing to bring you back to the current space you’re in allows you to take what I learn on the mat and bring it with me into my “real life” (i.e., traffic in LA). Remembering to take a deep breath and relax can apply to so many parts of life!

Core Strength

The core is the center of your body and therefore helps with keeping your body balanced and aligned. It’s important to build strength from there. Yoga allows you to do just that.


Taking a regular yoga class is very good way to commit to something that is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit.

the body book - cameron diaz

It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and build on your practice. It’s nice to walk into a room where people know you!


Because yoga helps you stay present, it creates the ability to focus, both in and outside of class.


Yoga also helps so much with alignment! Because we spend so many hours at our desks, hunched over a computer, yoga can help create better alignment and better overall posture.

Share with us: why do you practice yoga? Looking for more ways to practice at home? 

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