7 Tips for a Revitalizing Cleanse

7 Tips for a Revitalizing Cleanse

Cleanses are a beautiful way to connect to your body and spirit. While it’s easy to view cleanses as deprivation and a long list of no’s to all things delicious (especially your late-night cravings), reframe your cleanse as a special period when you’ll nourish your body with the foods that it’s truly calling for in order to thrive.

And by no means do you have to stick to watery juices. Rather, your cleanse should consist of real, whole food meals that are packed with superfoods and lots of vibrant seasonal fruits + veggies, so you’ll be fully satisfied, nourished, and RADIANT with energy.

7 Tips for a Revitalizing Cleanse

For those of you looking to do a post-Halloween or Thanksgiving cleanse, here are my top tips to help you ease into clean, wholesome eating:

  1. Every morning, try to start your day with a warm glass of water (4-6 oz.) and add fresh lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper. It will get things “moving.”
  1. Customize your plan to meet your current needs. If you’re breastfeeding or work out vigorously and still want to lose weight, add 300 calories per day. This can be in any form: a snack of trail mix, almond butter on apple, an extra smoothie, etc. If you don’t want to lose weight and your goal is to cleanse and maintain your weight, add 500 calories each day. If you want to gain weight or are pregnant, chat with me so I can further customize your detox experience.
  1. If you drink coffee, start to wean yourself off of it. 5 days prior to the cleanse, drink half of what you normally drink, and 2 days before, drink 1/4 as much or none at all. You can replace your coffee with decaf, or even better, green tea, which is full of free radical-fighting antioxidants.
  1. Begin to wean yourself off processed foods and sugar (other than natural). To prepare your body for the cleanse, cut out sugar or processed food two days before at the latest.
  1. To make your life easier, double up on meals. For example, make a larger batch of breakfast for Day 1 and have the same smoothie two days in a row instead of making them separately each day. You can make soups up to four days in advance and store them in the fridge. Smoothies will last 3 days in the fridge.
  1. Make it a goal to drink as much water as possible to aid with the cleansing process and achieve better results. Aim for around half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.
  1. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and put it on your fridge, at the office, by your bed, in the car, or anywhere you usually get junk food cravings or need a friendly reminder to get through this cleanse with strength.

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Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert, who is certified as a raw food chef and yoga teacher. Sophie founded her company and wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. When Sophie isn’t crafting revolutionary products from the world’s most potent superfoods, she is sharing her insights on how to live a life full of unbounded energy, bliss, and balance on the Philosophie blog and savoring every moment with her two beautiful children and loving husband.

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