5 Yoga Poses for Self-Care

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a great time to check-in on your own self-love! Carolan Hoffman, a DC-based yoga instructor and founder of Hot Spot Dupont, Washington, D.C.’s longest-standing hot yoga studio, shares her favorite yoga poses for self-care.

Being loving toward yourself is the foundation of self-care. Self-love opens the door to slowing down, turning inward and ultimately, healing. Simple yoga postures for a few minutes each day can foster this awareness and help you build an oasis of love and acceptance of yourself that will ground and nurture you each day, no matter what comes your way.

Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose encourages you to find inner balance and harmony. It helps you feel grounded in who you are on the inside, building your sense of self-worth. Wrapping the limbs is an expression of self-love and nurturing.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing forward bend releases tension in the nervous system, so you can access your calm, quiet place on the inside. It stretches the lower back, renewing your sense of peace, clarity and inner joy.

Hero’s Pose

Hero’s pose stimulates heart opening and circulation, helping you tune into self-awareness and self-love. Allows you to celebrate and connect with your loving inner world.

Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose opens the heart, giving you access to your inner beauty. This is a meditative backbend that invigorates your spine and nervous system, quieting and calming the mind.

Savasana w/ slow deep breathing 

Savasana draws senses inward, reaffirming self-acceptance and self-love. Learn to trust your inner beauty and stillness.

Thank you, Carolan! Tell us, which pose is your favorite?

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