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As women, we’ve been groomed to take care of our friends and family before ourselves. For some of us, this can even extend into wider social circles, such as ‘helping a friend of a friend’ because your friend asked you to. We’re bombarded by favours and requests constantly throughout our day, and our energy systems are completely depleted from this energetic firing being constantly whipped in our direction.

Even though we know these exhaustive habits aren’t good for us, and even though we know we’ve been consciously and subconsciously influenced to adopt these traits, it can still be hard to decline extending a helping hand. No one wants to say no.

To help you create personal boundaries and protect your own energy, try working with a protection crystal and develop a personal ritual until you feel your strength return, and your energy levels increase. Here is my favorite protection ritual to use during our vulnerable times:

Step one: Choose a protection crystal

When developing your own crystal protection ritual, it’s important to use an appropriate stone with protection characteristics. Most stones have a handful of characteristics they emit, but isolating the protection characteristic from a crystal will be lead to more effective energy healing. Some of my favourite protection stones are:

Black Tourmaline
Black Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Tiger’s Eye

*Obsidian is a very powerful stone and should be used with caution. If you are feeling extremely emotionally fragile or sensitive, or out of control, this would not be the best choice as it can bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface.

Step two: Program your crystal for protection

Place a freshly cleansed protection stone between your palms in prayer position, and close your eyes. Envision the stone filling with pink light, and begin saying, “I dedicate this crystal to protecting me.” As you repeat this mantra, envision the crystal filling completely with pink light.

Step three: Carry the crystal on you all day

Keep your crystal on you throughout your day. It can go in your pocket, tucked safely in your bra, or even be adorned as jewellery. While keeping your stone in your purse is a great way to harness crystal energy, when used in personal protection rituals, its best to have the stone physically on you. The longer the crystal is on you or the more frequent it is used, the more it has a chance to influence your own energetic system.

Step four: Cleanse the stone daily

At the end of your day, cleanse your stone to remove all the energy it was either blocking or absorbing throughout the day with its protection properties. It’s important to cleanse the stone daily as part of your ritual, because protection crystals often accumulate energetic build-up since many of us are constantly under energetic attack.

Some stones are water soluble or light sensitive and can be damaged through some cleansing methods. My favourite safe energetic cleansing methods are:

Smoke cleansing

Light sacred herbs or wood aflame, and blow the flame out to release a tendril of smoke. Waft the sacred smoke and pass your crystals through the smoke a few times. It’s also a lovely ritual to waft this same smoke over yourself while you do this.

Moonlight cleansing

Place your stone beneath a full moon, and leave it in the moonlight over night. If you place your stone outside, be sure it is shielded from the elements and protected. Placing the stone on the windowsill in the moonlight is another great alternative. Note: the moon must be full in order to cleanse.


Hold your stone between your palms, and envision it filling with warm pink light, until the entire stone is filled with light, pushing out all the negativity and lower energy is absorbed. If you have your level 1-4 in Reiki, you may also Reiki the stone with symbols or between your palms.


Sounding singing bowls or a gong, or even chanting or singing “Ahh” or “Omm” to your stones releases cleansing vibrations that safely cleanse stones. An instrument that releases vibrato (the sound of waves or bouncing) also works well. Pass the stone through the sound wave to remove impurities.

Step five: Keep your crystal on your bedside at night

To ensure your crystal is still protecting you at night time and attuning to your energy, keep the stone on your bedside at night or tucked safely under your pillow. When you wake up, you can grab the stone and wear it immediately upon rising.

Practice this protection ritual during a difficult or vulnerable time, or if you’re feeling energetically depleted. Work with your protection stone every day until you feel your energy levels have risen to a state of strength and control.

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VANESSA KUNDERMAN is an openhearted writer and storyteller who inspires others to discover their own paths and personal stories. She has a diploma in Creative Communications, and teaches at the University of Winnipeg. Her website, Rogue Wood Supply, is a large resource of modern spiritual practices centered around crystals, botanicals, and the moon. As an intuitive and crystal guide, she hosts sacred women’s workshops, offers crystal readings, and shares weekly moon phase oracles online. Vanessa and her work has been featured in Refinery29, The New Moon project, Cottage Life Magazine, and more. She is a mother and cancer survivor living in the Canadian Prairies.

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