5 Reasons to Choose Botanical Perfumes

White flowing drapes…. an ocean view… fields of citrus… all images one might conjure when thinking of a favorite perfume. Once upon a time, all perfumes were made using only natural and organic ingredients. Lab coats, test tubes, and steel drums full of chemical-laden ingredients are the reality today. Natural and botanical ingredients are very expensive, so big brand perfumes have turned to synthetic lab made alternatives.

Labs can replicate any naturally occurring smell – furthermore they can create brand new scents. A scentophile’s nirvana. But, dig a lithe deeper and you’ll discover things aren’t as rosy (pardon the pun!) as they smell. In fact, you may want swear off scented products forever!

Here are FIVE reasons to switch to using a botanical-based perfume

1. Avoid the chemicals found in lab created scents

Synthetic lab created ingredients found in traditional department store perfumes are only tested on skin – and only for skin reactions. Neurological, systemic and respiratory effects are simply not studied. Consider one ingredient, synthetic musk as an example. Synthetic musk extends perfumes wear and is found the majority of department store perfumes. It’s also been banned in Japan since the 1980’s due to it’s neurotoxic properties.

2. Knowing what goes IN your body

5 Reasons to use Botanical Perfumes

It’s just a spritz of perfume, right? It only takes our body an average of one hour for skin to absorb whatever we put on it. One commonly found chemical – Diethyl Phthalates are known environmental toxin and possible hormone disrupter. Doesn’t sound like something that should be in our bloodstream!

3. Know WHAT goes on your body

5 Reasons to Choose Botanical Perfumes

Traditional department store perfumes are made with an array of 7000 different chemicals that aren’t tested for skin absorption – makers also are not required to reveal their ingredients. Natural perfumers often list every ingredient, while providing your body with a reprieve from potentially harmful toxins.

4. Keep those near & dear safe

Over 30% of Americans are allergic to conventional department store scents. The odds are high that you know someone with a fragrance allergy. Sufferers get headaches, sneeze, wheeze and in extreme cases are admitted to the hospital. You might be surprised to find that people with fragrance allergies tend not be bothered by botanical perfumes.

5. Skip the HALO effect

Mainstream perfumes tend to create a HALO – leaving an invisible wake in your path that often triggers reaction in those nearby. Botanical perfumes are an intimate, personal scent experience – only you and those you let close to you will enjoy your natural perfume.

5 Reasons to use Botanical Perfumes

Everyone wants to smell great – but it needn’t come at the expense of our health and the health of those around us – with botanicals – perfume lovers have a safer all natural alternative!

‘Safe Scents’ advocate, Tania Reuben is passionate about educating the dangers of scent toxins. The founder of the eco savvy lifestyle site PureNaturalDiva.com, Tania is a trusted source in the green lifestyle movement. Her latest endeavor is Pure Natural Diva Botanicals, a line of botanical natural perfumes, elegantly organic body and skin care backed by the Pure Natural Diva reputation. Pure Natural Diva has been featured in WWD, Bella NYC, ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, and Martha Stewart.