4 Simple Steps to Take Life “Down a Notch”

by Lisa Bryan

It seems we’re always scurrying around doesn’t it? Running between meetings, chasing after kids, juggling appointments and grabbing food on the run…while simultaneously checking email, updating our Facebook status and posting this morning’s gorgeous cappuccino on Instagram.

Yep, you know you’re guilty. Aren’t we all? But good news! It is possible to turn the volume knob to the left and take life ‘down a notch” – to reduce the noise, busyness and distractions.


Here are 4 simple steps to help you get started:

Schedule “White Space”

Our schedules have become so jam packed, because well, we’ve jam packed them. We’ve given ourselves no time to breathe and relax throughout the day. So just as you’d schedule an appointment, schedule “white space” into your calendar. Spend 20 minutes once a day in peaceful “you” time. This could be simply closing your eyes, meditating or dreaming. But the key is to prioritize it just as you would a doctor’s appointment or other meeting.

Do a weekly digital detox

We don’t realize how often our devices keep us buzzing, but they do. The dings, vibrations and bells keep us on our toes and in a stressed state of mind. It’s a real world digital overload! At the very least, make sure to turn off all devices by 8pm for sound sleep. But even better is to dedicate one day as a digital detox day. A day where you’re not checking email and social status updates. A day where you’re simply present in living (and having a little fun). My Sunday Funday is also my digital detox day (hint hint).

Stop using the word busy

If conversations with your friends go something like this “Ugh, I’m so stress out. Life is just so busy lately” or “No, I can’t go to dinner, I’m way too busy” – you’re keeping yourself in a “busy” state of mind. And busy is not something to be glorified! Change your words to change your energy. Instead, say something like “I’d love to go to dinner but I’m currently booked at that time, can we reschedule for tomorrow?” See, it feels better already!

Learn how to really breathe

Sure, you’re breathing throughout the day. But you’re probably not really breathing. When you’re stressed and agitated you’re far more likely to breath shallow and yes, even unknowingly hold your breath. This creates a fight-or-flight response in your body and increases your cortisol and stress hormones. So take 5 minutes out of your day, three times a day, for deep belly breathing. Breathe in for a count of five, hold it for three, breathe out for a count of five. Repeat that for five minutes and you’ll feel a million times better. Thankfully, taking life “down a notch” doesn’t require a complete life overhaul. It’s simply just the ongoing practice of a few little steps – that you can start today! If you’d like additional support to adopt positive lifestyle behaviors (and boost your health and happiness!), check out my health coaching programs.

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Lisa Bryan is a certified health coach, wellness blogger, recipe developer and motivator for vibrant living. She’s a former corporate gal (healthcare/biotech executive) turned wellness lover after taming multiple autoimmune diseases with real food and positive lifestyle behaviors. All of her delicious recipes are nutrient-dense while being gluten-free, grain-free and refined-sugar free. You can find her at www.downshiftology.com – chatting about healthy living, eating and travel. Connect with Lisa: InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Twitter.