4 Crystals for Anxiety

Some of us go through periods in our lives where we seem to be riddled with anxiety, while others suffer constantly from its effects. Whether you’ve recently been through a trying time or your spirit is one of constantly buzzing energy, I’ve come up with a little power kit of crystals to help quell anxiety. The crystals below can either be used together in a medicine bag, tucked in your bra or pocket, as a meditation tool or even left on your bedside table to watch over you at night. Used all together, their combined energies induce a well-rounded state of ease and balance, while providing protection and guidance from the Angelic Realm. Below, I outline each crystal and what exactly its soothing effects are.



If you suffer from anxiety, this might singlehandedly be the one major crystal you need to track down. Its periwinkle hue alone is calming. This crystal is supportive. Like a parent carrying you when you’re a child once you’ve fallen down. It is encouraging. Soothing. Graceful. Its attunement to angels summons them down to you, allowing them to embrace you in their restorative wings. Blue Lace Agate will help you reprogram your thought processes so you can think clearly and calmly, pulling some of the anxiety out of your aura.



I’ve featured this gentle stone here for a more thorough explanation of its abilities. It’s also in contact with the Angelic Realm! This crystal’s greatest ability is inducing unconditional love, as many people suffering from anxiety are either hard on themselves or feel guilty about not being able to “fix” their anxiety or themselves. This crystal puts you in a state of allowance and ease, promoting self-love. This gal will help you learn how to appreciate yourself and all your abilities while wrapping you in a state of calm. It’s a personal fave.


Bloodstone is a great stone for those with anxiety or high stress. It removes energy blocks, often the culprit of anxiety and stress as the chakras are unable to flow freely. This stone draws awareness to you without being abrasive or harsh, promoting stability and a balanced worldview. Its free-flowing energy smoothes out any rough edges, and helps its owner ground into herself. Bloodstone is practical and magical all at once. It’s great for “busy” people, and is great to slip into your pocket throughout the work day.


Sometimes called Celestine, this crystal is great for bringing hope to its owner. It is also an Angelic stone, and can help promote relationships with specific angels that you can continuously work with. Paired great with meditation, pursing focused thought and attention with this stone can bring great awareness from the angels. Through continued use, when a specific angel greets you, ask its name and if it will be working with you on a regular basis. Celestite quiets the things causing you anxiety so you can focus on what is important. It purifies the aura and promotes smooth conversations, making it a great companion during therapy and angel work.

Van Kunderman is a writer and designer, avid reader and crystal collector. Her blog, Rogue Wood is where she share her knowledge and tips on spirituality and mindfulness. Her new e-book, The Rogue Wood Botanical Grimoire, features 50 different plants and herbs and offers ways to use these botanicals to enhance your daily and magical life. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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