4 Crystal Pairings for Love

Crystal pairings are a great way to learn about complementary energy between crystals. Effective pairings can also ease you into trying crystal gridwork, the practice and ritual of placing stones strategically throughout your home, on a personal altar, or even on your yoga mat.

Though it can be tempting, stuffing your pockets full of crystals actually doesn’t mean you’ll supercharge yourself with all kinds of healing energy. Not all crystals are complementary. Working with a soothing stone for anxiety may have additional properties that counteract that extroverted confidence boosting crystal you’re also working with.

And though a pocket full of sparkly, rainbow-hued crystals is more common than you think, I want to encourage you to choose your crystals with care, and to work with them for a minimum of one week before switching to another collection of stones.

Working mindfully with a couple stones for a set amount of time, will give you the opportunity to harness some seriously auspicious energy, while giving your own energy the time to calibrate to the characteristics of the crystals you’re working with.

This is the root of how crystal energy can positively affect us.

Some crystal pairings work great together, making them ideal to work with for particular goals. Love stones are some of my favourite stones to work with because they’re incredibly dynamic, and also great for beginners and experts alike.

I’ve selected complementary crystal pairings for a variety of love-centered questions I’m asked regularly, including help with conceiving, improving/attracting passion and lust, support in new relationships, and rekindling dull flames in a long-term relationship:

Passion/lust: Rose Quartz and Garnet
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Garnet is a great stone for inducing all kinds of passion – from the things that excite you in your career, to the desire you feel deep in your lady parts – repressed or actively explored. It is a highly potent sex stone. Garnet unwinds your sexual energy from deep down inside you, coiled at the base of your spine. When this stone is paired with the gentle yet effective Rose Quartz, romantic sexual passion is sparked – be that with new partners or established partners. This pairing often brings a new sense of excitement, lust, and intimacy. The depth that Garnet brings can also stimulate an intense connection.

If you’d like to attract passion and lust to you, whether you’re involved with someone or single, place this pairing on your bedside table or beneath your pillow for one week – or for the evening of a hot date. It is also effective to keep in your pocket (or on you) when you are on a date or doing something that is dedicated to your romantic life.

Remember to always begin your work with cleansed stones.

Attract a new relationship: Jade and Angel Aura Quartz
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Jade is a very lucky stone, and it’s particularly lucky in love! It is an ideal crystal choice to welcome and invite a new relationship, and helps attract relationships that are built on trust and honesty – the good kind. Angel Aura Quartz helps to expand the soul and spirit, casting a beautiful net that attracts like-mindedness and balance, while removing toxic habits and people from your life should they not be for your highest good; sort of like weeding out the bad. This is a great combination for new partnerships. Angel Aura Quartz is a very rousing stone, helping to maintain your excitement while inviting romance to you. Paired with Jade’s romantic luck and sound foundation, this is an ideal crystal pairing.

If you want to get your new relationship started on the right foot, or attract one that is balanced, healthy and supportive, pair Jade and Angel Aura Quartz together in a highly visible part of your home. New relationships aren’t always begun in the bedroom! This pairing works well in an environment where it can be seen a lot throughout the day. It’s energy will emanate through the home and help envelope your entire space to welcome a new balanced energy/person. Cleanse this pairing once per week or once per month, but leave it out for a long period of time.

Remember to always begin your work with cleansed stones.

Conceiving: Rose Quartz and Carnelian
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Rose Quartz is one of the best love stones around because it is both gentle and effective. It’s a stone of healing emotional wounds and spiritual wounds, but also works wonders in romantic relationships, personal relationships (self-love) and outward for humanity. Its energy is magnetic, often helping to attract some of the things your heart truly desires, rather than something superficial. When paired with Carnelian, the loyalty between two partners is roused; their connection intensified. Carnelian is a great stone to regulate a woman’s cycle and improve her fertility.

If you’re working toward getting pregnant (sometimes sex can feel like a chore and lose its romance when routinely following ovulation cycles), pair these two stones together on your bedside. I’d suggest placing a pair on your side and another pair on your partner’s side – tucked respectfully on your night tables. Leave the stones there for one full menstrual cycle and then cleanse them. Repeat as necessary.

Remember to always begin your work with cleansed stones.

Rekindle dull flames: Carnelian and Stichtite
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Carnelian is great at stimulating loyalty between two partners, bringing a spotlight on the connection they once had. It is bright, sunny and positive, and has been said to rekindle dull flames between two people who may have lost their romantic spark – even if they love each other. Sometimes we can love someone without necessarily feeling in love with them. Carnelian can help reignite that old feeling. The reason Carnelian works so well with Stichtite, is because Stichtite can help you feel the love of someone else. It helps you send out and receive love, helping to increase affection in a way that all parties feel and understand. It especially helps with the physical connection between two partners, which is often an area of lack: sex, hand holding, hugging, touching for the sake of touching.

This pairing works well when worn around the neck or kept close to the heart, to help renew the feelings that were once there. It can be kept in a breast pocket, tucked in your bra, or worn as a pendant. It works doubly well if worn on both partners for an extended period of time.

Remember to always begin your work with cleansed stones.

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