35 Thoughtful Ways To Be Kind To Your Mind, Body and Soul This Valentine’s Day

Regardless if you’re celebrating a traditional Valentine’s Day or serving yourself a hearty bowl of self-love this February, here are 35 unique ideas for putting yourself first regardless of your relationship status.  Love the body and space you’re currently in without making any excuses!


Image by Mats Meyer Illustrations

1 // GET ILLUSTRATED  Celebrate your body or your fierce fashion sense with a professional illustration. Get dolled up and commemorate your sensuality with a sophisticated and gorgeous illustration of your silhouette that you’d be proud to feature anywhere in your home. Keep them guessing as guests wonder if that’s really you. I recently commissioned a Valentine piece with Mats Meyer Illustrations for my husband. It’s as much for him, as it is for me. I’m game to place in our entrance for all to see. I’ve never felt so mischievous!

  1. 2 // BOOK A BOUDOIR SESSION  Capture your sensuality and celebrate your body in its current form with a boudoir session just for you! Boudoir sessions are so liberating and you don’t need a special occasion to set one up…but Valentine’s Day sure is a great motivator! Aside from it being a personal piece of art, here are 4 Reasons Every Woman Should Do A Boudoir Session.
  1. 3 // BOOK YOURSELF OUT FOR THE WEEKEND  Zone out for the weekend via a 3-day getaway or simply hit that trusty “do not disturb” button on your phone. A weekend (especially three solid days worth) will feel like you traveled overseas for a week without the need for a passport. Here are ideas for 12 Splurge-Worthy Getaway ideas in California…the ideal state for a three day weekend!
  1. 4 // COZY UP IN A B+B  Find a charming Bed and Breakfast in your home state or in a neighboring city and treat yourself to some R+R. Regardless if you’re booking a stay for one, two or the entire family, being away and having breakfast in bed or in a cheery morning room will make you feel like your worlds away from Monday. Here is a listing of the best B+B’s around the US.
  1. 5 // TAKE YOURSELF ON A DATE  It may sound cliche, but we often feel like we need an excuse to treat ourselves. Put your big girl pants on and take yourself to dinner and a movie. Here’s a fun read on 4 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself Before Anyone Else Does. Regardless if your romantically linked or not, self-dates mirror self-acceptance and are a great way to show self-love.
  1. 6 // SAY HELLO TO YOUR THIRD EYE  Think about implementing this powerful mediation technique with calming, meditation music by the Nu Meditation Music Channel. If you’ve ever wondered how to harness the full potential of your intuition then read 4 Proven Strategies For Awakening The Third Eye or try these apps for meditation on the go
  1. 7 // STITCH AND BITCH  Although this list is all about creating zen moments, sometimes you just need a good cleansing of the soul via a bitch fest in a completely different forum…with a fresh pair of ears. Whether you’re looking to learn a new hobby, make new friends, or just unwind on your own—learning to stitch can be a practical way to cleanse and reflect. Check out knitting clubs in your area or make it a personal practice of peace by viewing this segment on how to knit on YouTube.
  1. 8 // CHANGE UP YOUR CUT+COLOR Let Valentine’s Weekend motivate you to get a fresh cut and color you’ll love just in time for spring. This sea of gorgeous pin-worthy hair colors will have you rushing to the salon.
  1. 9 // PIN HOME DECOR IDEAS  Thinking about a re-model or re-decorating your apartment? Use Valentine’s Weekend to create positivity and admiration for current living space. Use Pinterest to aid in the designing of a new space that celebrates the essence of you and a fresh outlook for the new year! These pins are full of clever and beautiful ideas.
  1. 10 // START JOURNALING Allow for positive reflection and creative freehand with daily journaling. Promote love and gratitude with the Bloom, Lovely Journal to give yourself license to feel beautiful and reflect on the unique aspects that make you feel special. Make sure you get a journal (like this one) that provides daily quotes to prompt and aid in everyday journaling.
  1. 11 // MEET WITH A COMPLIMENTARY STYLIST  Chances are your favorite  clothing store offers free styling sessions with a trained stylist. The stylist can put together looks that you might not have considered or make you fall in love with a body part you’ve under appreciated lately. See yourself through the eyes of a trained stylist like those at Anthropologie and Nordstrom.
  1. 12 // GET A FEW GARMENTS TAILORED  Love your body as it is and tailor your clothes to hug those curves! Compromise no longer and get your favorite pieces tailored this weekend to show your body some love and appreciation for all it does. Here’s a piece on why tailoring is the best kept secret of well-dressed women!
  1. 13 // CURATE YOUR COFFEE  I fell in love with this recipe at first glance. Place frozen almond milk cubes (a neat trick is to freeze almond milk into ice cubes the night before so it doesn’t water down your coffee) into a clear coffee mug. Next, drizzle in some caramel and then pour in your favorite ice coffee beverage. Top off your drink with more almond milk for tasty treat that also looks Insta-worthy! Check out a slew of fun and tasty coffee recipes by visiting this YouTube link.
  1. 14 // GET COZY WITH CARBS  For a cozy love fest at home, try this super easy and enticing pasta sauce recipe by Damsel In Dior. With just three ingredients: A big can of peeled tomatoes, one large yellow onion and some butta, you can celebrate some self-love with some warm pasta.
  1. 15 // DESIGN AN ACCENT WALL  Get a fresh start on the year with a new accent wall by adding a pop of color or designing your own picture gallery. You know you’ve been wanting to get to this task for a while…so get started! Once you get in the groove, painting can be very soothing and allows for moments of clarity. Check out tips on how to create a great gallery wall here.
  1. 16// BOOK THAT MASSAGE  Stop making excuses for not getting a luxurious massage. Treat yourself to a spa day or simply book a spa treat that feeds your soul. Check out Spa Finder for sweetheart specials of all kinds. For a budget-friendly spa day, try this all-natural diy spa day at home
  1. the-body-book-cameron-diaz

Image by Mats Meyer Illustrations

  1. 17 // TAKE AN ART CLASS  Visit a local studio or pop-up venue with a loved one, neighbor or on your own to get acquainted with your inner artist. Check out fun events and women’s nights at studios like Bottle and Bottega.
  1. 18 // JOIN A SUPPORTIVE WOMAN’S GROUP  Take action through education by checking out groups on LiveYourDream.org or diverse support groups designed for women at Diversity Best Practices.
  1. 19 // GET A FREE WORKOUT ONLINE Get acquainted with a new, invigorating workout regime online. Scroll through YouTube for one that suits your workout style, or browse through The Body Book’s free array of suggested routines like this motivating video on getting a full body workout during commercials.
    1. 20 // RESTOCK YOUR PANTRY  Start the weekend on the right foot by implementing healthy snacks and staples into your diet. Begin an early spring clean to remove processed foods from your pantry or simply go for healthier options that are always at the ready with this quick Guide To Stocking Your Pantry.

21 // MAKE PICTURE BOOKS  Get those memories off your phone and on to a pretty, visual scrap book. From Shutterfly to ZNO, have fun with a picture project this Valentine’s Weekend. No more excuses!

  1. 22 // CAPTURE MEMORY VIDEOS ON YOUR PHONE  As a mom, I either manage to record the end of something fantastic my kids said or did, or simply just live in the moment (hoping I’ll remember everything later)! The OneDay APP instant movie maker let’s you record moments in real time while still living in the moment! Create and capture your own memories this Valentine’s Day.
  1. 23 // GO BRA AND PANTY SHOPPING FOR YOURSELF You should be the one loving your undies the most and seriously…who couldn’t use a fresh, new bra? Treat the girls to some new hardware for Valentine’s whether shopping online or in store. Getting measured for the right bra size can change your life!
  1. 24 // SIGN UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE  Eyeing a new subscription service lately? Why not give it a go in time for a V-day delivery. You’ll feel like you’re getting a pre-screened box of surprises that’s way better than chocolate. Check out an array of subscriptions and reviews at Hello Subscription.
  1. 25 // JOIN A WINE CLUB  Just like #24, join a wine club to get your first delivery on Valentine’s Day. Talk about the perfect gift! Check out wine clubs like California Wine Club or Amazon Wine to get started just in time.
  1. 26 // VOLUNTEER  Volunteering can certainly help to enrich the lives of others and our own. Seek out a charity close to your heart or donate your time to a cause you believe in. VolunteerMatch.org brings good people and good causes together. Find a nonprofit in your area to meet diverse, like-mind individuals who wish to improve lives in your community.
  1. 27 // GO WINE TASTING  You don’t have to live near Napa to go wine tasting. All American Wineries features wineries and vineyards in your area to make any weekend a fruitful and delicious escape. Hop to it and share your favorite find with us!
  1. 28 // BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY  Spend the day in your local downtown visiting museums, or plan a staycation in your favorite hotel. Get a great feel for the amazing museums in your area by visiting GreatMuseums.org (you may even find some you never new existed).
  1. 29 // BINGE TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT  Make it a marathon with Netflix, Amazon or Comcast by catching up with your favorite show or begin a new series like Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon Prime.
  1. 30 // CATCH UP WITH A GIRLFRIEND  Celebrate Galentine’s Day with a girlfriend (regardless of her relationship status). Valentine’s Day is meant for remembering all those you love. Here are 21 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your BFFs
  1. 31 // GO TO A FARMER’S MARKET  Feel rewarded visiting your local farmer’s market for fresh veggies, juicy fruits and city faves. Get a complete list of the local markets in your area by visiting the USDA Farmers Market Directory.
  1. 32 // CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET  It may seem like a lot of work, but cleaning out your closet can be quite invigorating. Consider creating your own capsule wardrobe or finally donate those clothes you never wear. Also, there’s always great pleasure in completing a task without interruption. Carving out some solid alone time to clean out your closet can feel like a present on its own.
  1. 33 // TREAT YOURSELF TO AFTERNOON TEA  You really don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to an afternoon tea—especially one that makes you feel like you’re a world away! Make a reservation at a tea house near you, or seek out a luxurious hotel in your downtown as they probably have a tea experience as fabulous as the Palm Court in Chicago.
  1. 34 // TAKE THAT ONLINE CLASS  Websites like Creative Live and SkillShare will help you learn a new trade or help you take your brand to the next level. From practical courses to more technical training, you can begin to master a subject over the V-Day weekend and feel all sorts of productive!
  1. 35 // COZY UP WITH A PODCAST  Curl up V-day weekend with a riveting Podcast series on almost any subject you can think of. From inspiring business topics on Girl Boss Radio, to smart conversations about food and wellness with One Part Podcast or That’s So Retrograde, to a podcast about the big questions and hard choices often left out of polite conversations with Death, Sex & Money. Unwind, zone out and get more in depth with a favorite subject! (see also 

How will you be showing some self love this Valentine’s Day? Share in your comments below!


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Image by Mats Meyer Illustrations