3 Ways You Can Be An Inspiration TODAY

Inspire Yourself

Are you scrolling Instagram, creeping on people at the gym or even reading this and thinking, “I wish I could do that!” or “I wish I was that inspiring.” For the longest time I did, I was so busy looking for inspiration all around me that I didn’t even think to myself that I could actually be an inspiration. The funny thing is that the second we decide we want to inspire, we can! Nothing has to change but our mindset. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than right inside of you. Not sure how to start? I got you covered!

Put yourself out there

If you’re waiting for someone to ask you to workout or go to yoga you may be waiting a long time. Why not just put it out there and be the one to ask? My boyfriend laughs at me because I went on a bunch of “blind dates” with online friends. When I moved to a new city I connected with other bloggers and people in the same field over Instagram and we now meet regularly for coffee, workouts, aura readings, yoga, you name it! This probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made the first move. Just do it! The worst thing that can happen is they say no! The people that say no are not your people and that’s ok.

Believe you can be NOW

About a decade ago I was definitely not a workout enthusiast, but decided to run a half marathon because my girlfriend asked me to. I said why not!? As we were running, I was struggling to even catch my breath and she was telling everyone, “Good job” and “Keep going!” I began to do the same and before I knew it we were giving high fives and encouraging everyone. It showed me that you can be an inspiration no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey and not only does it inspire others, it will inspire you too! Don’t wait until you lose a couple more pounds, have the baby, master a certain move or take the class first. Encourage someone else right now and watch how you end up being the one who is inspired!

Don’t Assume

We are so easily persuaded by outside appearances or what we see on social media. The truth is we all have insecurities, weaknesses and could use the support of a community. Just because someone is super fit or appears to be a total boss that doesn’t mean they don’t need a friend or wouldn’t like to try something new. I learned a long time ago that things aren’t always what they seem. Next time you need a partner or friend, don’t assume just because someone looks like they “have it all together” that they don’t need the same. Chances are you were attracted to that person for a reason, see tip number one: put yourself out there!


So next time when you need a yoga partner or gym buddy be the one to ask! Your new best friend, business partner, or confidant may just be waiting for you. We were made for human connection, your tribe is waiting!

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CAT GOLDEN started Nine Lives Health and Mind to help others feel like the absolute best version of themselves. She has a background in pediatric nursing and now does her wellness business full time. She does this through working with individuals and groups conducting weight loss programs, help with athletic performance, increased energy and mindset training. She has been a fitness enthusiast for the last decade and believes that where focus goes energy flows. Focus on gratitude and moving your body and watch how your life can change! (You can also see posts from Cat under The Resource Girls)

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