10 Snacks for an Active Lifestyle

Snacks on the Go

Spring has officially sprung! I don’t know about you but as I write that I’m almost bouncing off my chair because I’m beyond excited for more sunshine and more time spent outdoors in nature. Being active and eating healthy, are just two pieces of the puzzle I call “living whole and well” on Nutrition Stripped—and now we can nurture both of those at the same time this spring and summer. Whether you’re taking your pup for a walk around the neighborhood, hiking with friends, or doing more strenuous activities outside, it’s always wise to have a healthy snack on hand to refuel and energize you.

There are a couple things I keep in mind when packing things for outdoor activities, how light is it to pack, how long will it stay fresh, how long will it give me energy for, and will that energy kick in quick? Here are some of my top 10 favorite snacks or items to bring with me while I’m out and about, exercising or staying active outdoors:

  1. 1. Fresh green juice, store in a bottle that keeps it chilled for a couple hours if not more
  2. 2. Homemade trail mix
  3. 3. Fresh fruit
  4. 4. Dried fruit
  5. 5. Raw veggie sticks (cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, celery, jicama) with homemade hummus
  6. 6. Homemade nut butters and gluten free crackers
  7. 7. Coconut water
  8. 8. Lemon water
Healthy Snacks on the Go
  1. 9. Chewy Superfood Hemp Protein Bars
  2. 10. Energy bliss balls or truffles. Try my Almond Coconut Date Globes, Spirulina Energy Globes, or Raw Chocolate Malt Brownies all containing healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals to keep you fueled.

What are your favorite snacks while on the go? Share below!


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  • My favorite snacks to bring are raw veggies, especially cucumbers (my favvvv), and also the homemade trail mix. I have to try your Energy Bliss Balls, those are good snack ideas 🙂