10 Crystal Commandments


Familiarizing yourself with crystal culture is an easy way to learn how to work with a growing crystal collection. Crystals are a respected spirit across many diverse cultures, and having a base knowledge on how to work with them can help enhance your personal wellness in its totality.

And it’s not about being strict. Being open and aware of your own personal energy system and how varying energies affect it is the primary healing power of crystals as a collective.


Treat Your Crystals With Respect

Crystals should be treated in a manner that shows they are respected and cherished items. Never let a crystal sit on the floor, and never toss one absentmindedly in a cluttered drawer. They should be handled as the precious gems that they are – hence where the phrase comes from!

  1. Attune Your Crystals to your Own Energy

When you come to possess a crystal, it is important to awaken the crystal; attuning it to your energy field. Crystals are ancient beings that can sometimes enter a sort of hibernation energy. Reconnecting with the crystal once you own it helps to direct the crystal’s energy while letting it know it will be working with you.

  1. Cleanse Your Crystals Regularly

Depending on a crystal’s ability, they can become clogged. Some crystals absorb negativity, and they should be able to release the build up after offering such service. Develop a personal cleansing ritual to purify your crystals to keep them healthy. Lay them out beneath a full moon or waft them through sacred smoke.

10 Crystal Commandments

  1. Charge and Program Your Crystals Before Use

It’s important to inform a crystal of how you wish to work with it. Helping direct a crystal’s energy can help supercharge its effects due to intense focus. Program a crystal with a specific intent or help invigorate it for multipurpose.

  1. Find Your Personal Power Stone

Each energy system reacts slightly more harmoniously with certain crystals. As each energy field is unique, the various energetic blends found within people each respond differently to varying crystals types. Identify which crystal makes you feel your absolute best, or which crystal always seems to find its way into your possession.

  1. Collect a personal Crystal Toolkit

Curate a collection of crystals that allow you to do various basic things. You may have a specific mediation crystal, a crystal to remove negative electromagnetic smog from your electronics, or a love stone to help encourage romance in your life. Give yourself a strong base of crystals to work from, developing a core collection that you cherish and savour.

  1. Discover your birthstone and its significance

The date you were born is very special. It coordinates with a specific crystal due to the crystal’s abilities. Discover which crystal identifies with you to learn how you can harness its abilities to dynamically enhance your life. Certain months and astrological signs associate with different crystals, and you’ll be connected to a variety of options.

10 Crystal Commandments

  1. Seek Out New Crystals That Call to You

Some crystals awaken when an energy field comes into contact with them that they are attuned to. When a crystal unknowingly begins attracting you, be open to receiving its call. Accept it into your life, actively working with it to learn a valuable personal lesson.

  1. Know the Power of Different Crystal Formations

Though crystals come in many different varieties, they also grow in different shapes and sizes depending on their environments. Different formations are created under different pressures, and offer bonus insight as to what the crystal’s gifts are, and how you can use them most effectively. Understand the value and effect of different formations.

  1. Know Which Crystals Pair Well Together

Learn which crystals pair well together to create a complementary and effective energy. Crystals should always be used intentionally while consciously being aware of what you are hoping to accomplish with them. Pairing complementary crystals together helps to supercharge your intent, bringing the most value to you. Learn multiple complementary pairings from your crystal toolkit to create a powerful and intuitive collection to work with to enhance your life.

10 Crystal Commandments

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VANESSA KUNDERMAN is a fiction author, poet, and avid crystal collector. She has published stories alongside Stephen King, Alice Munro, and Anais Nin, in “Woman, an anthology” a collection of works celebrating strong female dynamics. As a student of core shamanism, Vanessa advocates adapting traditions to create new modern sacred studies. She has a background in motivational speaking and teaches workshops grounded in her self-care and spiritual wellness website, Rogue Wood Supply. She is a mother, cancer survivor, and a lover of the True North, and believes smudging can fix almost every sour mood. She hails from the prairie woodlands of Canada.

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